What Different Front Door Colors Say About The Homeowner

Did you know that the front door colors of a home can tell people a lot about who lives there?  This goes back all the way to early Chinese philosophy and Greek architecture that truly feel that the color of someone’s front door can tell about the character of the person living inside.

Your front door is the first point of entry that most people will make into your home so many people take a lot of care when deciding their front door designs.  Some front door ideas include different style wood doors painted in a certain color, glass and wood doors and even heavy ornate doors. UPVC doors are often a secure, affordable and stylish choice. Installing a wireless doorbell as a part of your home security system increases your home’s safety when you are away from home. When a visitor rings the bell, Protection 1 alerts you by email or text message. Integrate the doorbell with Z-Wave lights for automatic illumination of your entry area to deter possible threats. This technology gives you information and peace of mind during short trips and longer times away.
Front Door Colors Say

Different Door Colors And Their Meanings

Red –   Feng Shui is very popular in today’s society as a way to bring peace, wealth, luck and many other positive forces into the home.  In feng shui, a red front door is a sign of welcome and invites all kind of good energy into the home.  A red front door was an also a signal to tired travelers, back in early America, that they could stop for the night in a friendly home and rest.

red front door

A very common and attractive design for front entry doors that are red are to be surrounded by a black and white scheme and are usually simple colonial in style.   This black and white “frame” makes the red of the door stand out even more.  What does having a red door say about you?  It says you’re energetic, full or life, hospitable but you don’t take chances.  If you paint both your front door and storm door red, there is double the positive energy. The best wind chimes could go great with this house.

storm door red

Multi-colored – The Dionsysian theory states that someone with a multi-colored front door is a creative happy person.   The name of this style of door is called “Pantone.”  The design is many framed slides of translucent Pantone colors.  It brings back the style of the Arts and Crafts era and is very striking.  This style makes a great front entry door for a more modern style home. People that have a Pantone style door, eclectic, joyful and meticulous and tended to be the art teacher’s pet.

Glass Doors – People that have clear glass front doors tend to be very open people with nothing to hide. They are not concerned with concealing their home front the outside. These doors have simple lines, a lot of glass and an absence of details.  This is indicative of the modernist movement that came with the 20th century.  People that have glass front doors tend to be very gregarious and outgoing as well as friendly. They tend to not be worried about putting on airs.

glass front doors

 Pretty in Pink – Pink is not as common a front door color as red, but it stands out and really makes a statement.  Pink is the color of fun and lightheartedness.  The surroundings of a hot pink door are usually very understated, letting the pink do all the talking.  Those that go for hot pink doors are thoughtful, cheery and romantic. They love flowers and like to give them as gifts for almost any occasion.

Mixed and Matched – Doors that have a few different colors usually have a white foundation with colored accents.  There is some that believe that when salmon accents are used, it hints at passion inside.  Many people like to paint wood paneled doors different colors inside the panels for an interesting and unique look that is all their own.  People with this type of door tend to be complex and deep thinkers.

wood paneled doors different

Multi-Color Middle Eastern Style – This type of door can look almost psychedelic in its wild colors and beautiful designs.  These look fantastic on Moroccan style architecture with their vibrant colors.  Anyone who has this style door can usually find themselves among the minority because this is not a typical front door style.  People with these Technicolor doors are typically orderly and endearing and may even be suckers for mint flavored green teas too!

The Power Door – Black doors signify strength and authority and can be very elegant in design, especially when they are trimmed with crisp white trim.  Many black doors are decorated with ornate designs that really make an elegant statement. Those with a black aluminium folding door can be sophisticated, strong willed, authoritative and usually keep a tight rein on their finances.

red walls black doors

The next time you are looking for ways to jazz up your home, take a look at your front door for front entry ideas to see what sparks your interest.  It is a great way to make your home have great curb appeal and can also tell visitors a little bit about who lives inside without you having to say a word.

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