Throwing the Best 60’s Party

Throwing the Best 60’s Party

Throwback parties are very popular these days with everyone throwing a unique party from a certain time period. One popular time period is the 60’s and many people throw awesome parties that allow people to relive and see how people partied back then.

The 60’s Generation

This time period was the time of love, peace and harmony. Parties were totally colorful and had some of the best looking decorations out there. The peace sign and the hippie culture was at its prime and many people loved it. Loud colors and tie dye was in and so were the funky flowers. People loved to decorate and they loved to dress up, making parties back then amazing. The 60’s party theme will allow you to express your creative side and allow you to have the most colorful party ever.

Getting Your Party Started

If you are planning to do a 60’s party you will need tons of colors. Tie dye was ever popular. Consider making a tie dye booth so that people at your party can create their own cool shirts. Also consider decorating with peace signs and any other hippie décor that you might come across. If you are going to have a cake at this party, consider getting a cake that is made to look like a van from the 60’s time period. Also consider adding things from television shows that came on in the 60’s including the cartoons of that time. Remember to add music from the 1960’s as well. The more 60’s party theme you can go the better.

Throwing a party with a 60’s party theme will amaze your guests. They will have a great time living it up like they did in the 60’s. For more ideas for your party, consider going online and looking at some of the ideas other people have done for their themed parties.

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