Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

Teenage girls are usually very excited to decorate their rooms, and having several different girl bedroom ideas to choose from will no doubt make them happy. Girls like to have a bedroom that reflects their personality. When decorating, the room should be in accordance with what they want to ensure that they will feel comfortable in the bedroom. The design of a teenage girl’s bedroom is different from that of a adult female. Teenagers tend to like cheerful colors and whimsical elements, while adult women tend to go for a more mature and elegant feel. A colorful room, especially with different shades of pink, will be ideal for most teenage girls.
For girl bedroom ideas, creativity is definitely needed, because the bedroom is every teenager’s sanctuary. They desire a space that is private, yet suitable for learning and entertaining their friends. Teenage girls usually like bright colors on the walls, or appropriate wallpaper that matches their style. Colors favored by many teenage girls include: pink, baby blue, orange, green and purple. Since they are notorious for inviting friends over, functionality and fluidity must be taken into consideration when working out the design plan for a girl’s bedroom.
Girl bedroom ideas are not complete without plush carpeting. Teenage girls like carpeting and rugs that have a number of different colors, and that are comfortable to stand and sit on. These girls can be very opinionated and stubborn, and will stop at nothing to get all the details according to their standards. Color coordinated bed frames, bookcases and closets are common, and will add to the charm of the room. To help with the beautification of the room, consider adding beautiful stickers to some of the walls or on the furniture. Lighting fixtures should taken into consideration as well, especially for the desk area where studying and reading will take place. Do you have a teenage daughter, sister or niece? Which of these designs do you think will appeal to her the most?
12 Photos of the Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

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