Sweet 16 Birthday Party Decoration and Ideas

sweet 16 birthday partyEvery birthday is special, but a sweet 16 birthday party is really special. This is a time when your teenager starts to take on life. They are able to start driving and can get a job, so you want to throw a sweet 16 birthday party that they will enjoy and remember.

Before you start planning your sweet 16 party, you need to have a theme. Is the party going to be formal or casual? Here are a few sweet 16 party ideas to think about:

• Hollywood Sweet 16

• Winter Wonderland

• Red Carpet

• Winners Flag

Sweet 16 Party Decoration

Sweet 16 Party Decoration

If you are throwing a sweet 16 birthday party, then you want to have the perfect sweet 16 party decorations. The colors should be match the personality of your teen. You want to have bright colors to match the theme of your party. If you are doing the Hollywood Sweet 16 party, then adding a red carpet at the entrance along with plenty of lights is the perfect choice. A sixteenth birthday only happens once. It is a chance to give your teen one of the best days in their life before they begin the next journey. This is the perfect time to share your memories and happiness with them. It is also a time for your teen to spend time with their friends and family. To get dressed up and let loose.

Depending on the theme that you have decided on, will determine the sweet 16 birthday party decorations. The Winners Flag party theme is perfect for a guy. You can have a winner’s flag cake, car tires for decorations, red stop lights and if you are giving your guy a new car, then that can be the finale of the party. Use your imagination and you will have the best sweet 16 party for your teen.

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