Smart Storage Management: Planning The kitchen

Planning the kitchen – The Christmas festivities are approaching. Maybe you are one of those people who are running around trying to figure out where the festive plates, cups and glasses are stored from the last holiday season.
How many cups, mugs and glasses do you need for everyday use? One could argue that only two per person in the household is needed. During Christmas time, you will need a lot more, of course. The designer Laura Grelli from Kitchens Galore in San Francisco says she would need a minimum of 12 sets in her household from just two people.
Most people among us do not have enough space to store 12 to 15 sets of plates, cups, wine glasses and so on. While planning the kitchen, these variables must be considered. Where will you keep all the extra cutlery and dinnerware?
A cabinet in the kitchen could offer a wonderful solution, while being a wonderful design element. Free standing pieces of storage are versatile and can assist in tucking away items not in use, without cluttering the space in the kitchen. Ensure that this piece of furniture is beautiful and will integrate well with the rest of your furniture.
A good place to find stand alone storage pieces is at the antique shop. If there are none that suit your taste or needs, you may consider getting one custom-made.
A Really Efficient Shelf Cabinet
An alternative when planning the kitchen is to make room for built-in cabinet shelves from the ceiling to the floor. The upper cabinets are a great place to install glass doors. This will allow you to quickly identify what is stored where, and whether or not there is additional space to accommodate any more pieces of furniture. The upper shelves are a great place to showcase China pieces that have been in your family for decades.
12 Photos of the Smart Storage Management: Planning The kitchen

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