Small Home Interior Design

Home interior design is more than just aesthetics. At the core of any design is comfort and an expression of personal taste. Interior design relies heavily on the proper utilization of the space available and the placement of the various elements that are a part of the design. But the placement aside, everything should be harmonious.
The advantage of having a small house or a small apartment is the ease at which the space can be decorated. If the furniture is proportionate to the size of the room being decorated, space will really not be an issue. Gurus of home interior design advise that small homes should avoid partitions that will close the space up, but instead, consider an open plan where each room flows seamlessly into the next. Neutral wall colors, natural lighting and mirrors will help to expand on the open theme.
In the bedroom, the most practical way to solve the problem of space is to use wardrobes. They are great for storage and organization, and will eliminate the need for several different pieces of furniture to fulfill that purpose. Other multi-functional pieces of furniture are great for a small home. A sofa that doubles as a bed and an ottoman that doubles as shoe storage are quite common.
Our gallery has a number of interesting home interior design ideas that were handpicked just for you. Which ones appeal to you the most?
12 Photos of the Small Home Interior Design

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