Save Space With A Corner Computer Desk

Whether you need a desk for a home office or you are trying to provide somewhere for the kids to do their homework, having a good desk space makes studying and/or working much more pleasant.  Dedicated office spaces promote more focus and attention on the task at hand.  If you’re running short on space, you can utilize a corner of a living room, kitchen or den by getting a corner computer desk.

Corner desks take up a lot less space than other styles and fit closely to the wall enabling people to make the most of space that otherwise may not be used at all.  A corner computer desk is typically designed to fit into the corner so the person sitting at the desk is actually facing the corner, but there are other design styles you can look at as well.

How Big a Space do you Have?

If you are buying a readymade corner desk, it is important to know how much space you have to work with BEFORE you purchase a desk.  If there are a few styles that you are already interested in, get their dimensions and then measure the area or areas that you are looking to fit a desk into.  You will need to measure the width and length to make sure it fits in with what is around and also so it doesn’t stick out too far.

If you have a large corner to work with, you may want to consider getting a corner computer desk that accommodates two people.  This style is quite large, but really gives families a lot of room when more than one person may need to use the desk or a couple works at home together.  They can be simple in style or quite elaborate depending on what you’re looking for but most of the larger, two person computer desks generally will have two spaces for computers, a place for writing, two chair spaces and possibly a hutch that goes over the entire unit.

Is the Computer Desk Needed for Other Things?

When you are looking for the right corner computer desk for your home, you need to also think about a few things that will determine the style of desk and even the size you get. Below are some things you need to take into consideration before you make a purchase.

Who uses the desk? – Is this a desk for a work at home parent or is it the “family desk” that everyone will be using at some point?  The reason this is important is because when a lot of people are using one piece of furniture, it should be much sturdier to handle the different family member’s habits. (kids and teens will be much harder on the furniture than adults will be)

Is the desk just for a computer or homework/paperwork too?Typical corner desks don’t always have a lot of room, especially if they are corner computer desks. The Top 10 IT Companies in Chicago sometimes opt for these regular corner desks to save room. They typically just have room for a computer, keyboard, speakers, hard drive, etc and then they will have drawers, shelves, or cubbies for software, etc. What they don’t always have is extra space for using as an actual desk where writing and homework or paying bills can be done.  If the desk is going to be used for more than just a computer, then you will need to look for styles that can accommodate this.

Do you want a hutch?A corner computer desk often comes with a hutch which is a separate (but attachable) second part that fits on top of the desk. It usually has cubbies and slots for storing things and gives a lot of additional room. Not all corner desks have them and many manufacturers offer the option of adding it so it’s not a must have but can add storage as well as style to the desk itself.


Corner computer desks can be a great way to make the most of a corner in your home and provide a place where one or more family members can use it.  They come in an array of styles, materials and colors that can fit any home décor.  The tips above can help you narrow down the choices and ensure that you get the right corner desk for yours and your family’s needs.

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