Points to Note on How to Put a Rug in a Living Room

After taking your time to select the best rug color one of the things you may find difficult is the exact size that will suit your living space. If you happen to buy rug that is smaller than your space, you will find your furniture floating with unattractive open spaces. More so, you must know right placement for your newly purchased rug as that can add to the look and feel you will enjoy in your home. That is why this article is dedicated to provide you with some points to note on how to put a rug in a living room.

Rug in Living Room

What Size Rug in Living Room Should Be?

Before going to market or ordering rug from any dealer online, you must first of all consider the actual square foot of your living room. More so, consider whether you want the rug cover overall floor in your living room or you just want only the centre part of the room. The style of decoration you have will determine that. You must choose rug size that will sync with the finishing and overall decor in your living room.

Rug Living Room Placement

Rug Living Room Placement

You need to carefully place your rug following the best rug living placement in order to anchor any open space in your room. You will be able to map out a definite area in your living room for relaxing, entertaining or even working through careful placement of your rug. The exactly rug placement method you selected will determine whether the style and look of your living room at the end of the day.

how to put a rug in a living room

Consider Smaller Rug for the Center or Large Rug to Cover Entire Perimeter

You can easily pull your living room together as well as the areas for conversation just by placing small size rug with finishing around it. Apart from that, you can choose to buy large size rug that will cover entire perimeter of your home creating perfect ambiance for your family conversation, entertainment and relaxation

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