Outdoor String Lights: the Variety of Light Designs

Outdoor string lights are indeed very beautiful to decorate your house or any place outside. It is as decorative as making fantasy atmosphere going around the place. Well, why not? Its design is that of long string with many lights hanging on it. It functions more than just as the source of light at night outside the house. The lights themselves appear in various designs. Let the writer tell you some of them here.

The One with Lantern, Globe, and Flower Lights

It is better for you to not stick on the string that has common bulbs as the lights only. There is wide choice for you other than that, you know. First, there is the one with the bulb covered inside as a lantern. The lantern itself can look like a Chinese lantern, just like what you will see in Gemmy 8.5-ft 10-Light White Plug-In Lantern String Lights. The other design of outdoor string lantern light is the one with classic lantern.

This time, you will see this kind of outdoor string lights in Gemmy 12.4-ft Brown Indoor/Outdoor Plug-In LED Lantern String Lights. It is good to give vintage atmosphere around the place. Second, there is the one with globe lights. Well, simply put, the lights are just round. The bulb in the middle is covered with crackled glass light cover. This design is plain, but is commonly used as party d├ęcor.

For this, you can see it in Gemmy 8.6-ft Clear Outdoor Mini Bulb Plug-In Crackle String Lights. The last but not the least string light for outdoor use the writer wants to talk about here has flower design in it. Yes, the bulb stands in the middle with the flower petals cover surrounding it, making it look like a flower in itself. You will see how pretty it is in 8.5-ft 10-Light White Plug-In Flowers String Lights. It sure is a nice kind of outdoor string lights.

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