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Our Society 6 Picks for Dog Lovers

Gifts for Dog Lovers

Do you ever find yourself casually browsing online, only to suddenly be deep down the rabbit hole of cool stuff you suddenly need in your life? For Lucy and I, this seems to be just another day at the office. It happens more often than we’d like, and our wish lists are varied and run long. One of the places we tend to end up is Society 6. Thinking of a gift for your dog-obsessed friend? They’ve got it. Need a new tote that identifies you as a fan of corgis? Yeah, they have that too. Maybe a certain co-founder we know is hit the big 3-0 yesterday (oh, hello Lucy!).

Whatever your reason (do you even need one?) to dive deep into the world of adorable dog-centric things, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the awesome artists at Society 6, and can almost guarantee you’ll find a style that suits you.

Society 6 Gifts for Dog Lovers

Be Cool, Don’t Drool ($15)
If you love big dogs, drool is part of the package. Just ask Topher, or King of Slobs as he is known by his subjects.
Space Dogs ($20)
Love dogs? Check. Love space? Check. This throw pillow is that quirky accent you’ve been waiting for.
Dog Day ($18)
It’s the modern dogs-of-popular-culture print you’ve been waiting for! No, seriously. It includes dire wolves. And as we all know winter is coming winter is here (or at least it is in Westeros). Also featured: everything from Scooby Doo to Dino.
Wild Dog ($18)
A change in tone with something more dark and dramatic. There’s something about this print that draws you in. Or maybe I still have dire wolves on the brain?
Dog ($20)
That accent throw pillow you’ve been looking for to really drive home the fact that you’re a total hipster and everyone just needs to chill, okay?
Dog Fart ($15)
Have you ever owned or been downwind of a Pug or Boston Terrier? This mug tells no lies.

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