Our Philosophy

As you read this, millions of people around the globe are spending their real money and time towards making progress in their alternate video game realities rather than their real lives. Why? Because video games are well designed to satisfy us in ways that real-life often fails to.

Game companies like Zynga have engineered these games to be extremely entertaining and addictive, but at the end of the day, many of these games have little merit or substance.

However there is nothing wrong with playing games. They are often educational, social, challenging, and help us fulfill our needs that are otherwise very hard to in todays world.  In fact, they can be an extremely powerful tool and can motivate us to do things that would otherwise be very difficult.

We want to reclaim games for good.

Over the last few years, a revolution has been taking place to rethink games and how they can be used to improve the real world. Whether by solving large-scale problems, helping to foster community, or make education or healthy living more engaging.

It’s no coincidence that this revolution of reclaiming gaming for good is happening right now. Children today are exposed to technology and games from a very early age (watch any toddler play with an ipad). And their parents are the first generation of adults who also grew up playing video games as children. Add to that the availability of powerful mobile devices and ubiquitous internet access, and you have a population that understands games and an environment capable of delivering incredible new experiences.

We want to use games to create a more positive atmosphere in the household. By simply setting up a framework for continuous feedback and increasing challenges, we can make family life more communicative, more engaging, and more fun!