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Living Room Design Style Guides for You

vBefore you finally work on the details for your living room design, you will need to decide which interior design style you wish to incorporate to the room first. Will it be a modern living room you’ll be creating? Or do you prefer a contemporary one? With so many living room design ideas to look up, you need to start from the design style first.

Modern living room furniture designs ideas

Different Styles for Living Room Design

The modern living room design is renowned for the use of neutral color scheme, asymmetry, and strong geometric shapes. Sleek, polished, and smooth are words to describe this particular interior style. For a more relaxing feel and look, opt for the romantic design accentuated by its femininity and use of pastel color palette and light, sheer fabrics—velvet, silk, matelasse, and chenille are the popular choices.

modern living room design

Meanwhile, the contemporary living room is often characterized by its rounded and softened lines with neutral elements featuring pops of vibrant and bold color on a tone-on-tone color scheme. Slim silhouette and clean lines describe this style really well. Last but not least, there is the traditional design featuring furniture designs that are familiar and consistent in style. Traditional living room design is timeless and can still appear effortless and fresh even during the modern era.

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