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Living Room Design Ideas


If you are looking for quick and easy living room design ideas to jazz up your home, here are three suggestions you might find useful.

Idea 1: Try the professional look

If you like to travel, then it is very likely that you have been in hotel lobbies that are magnificent. If you are so inclined, try to recreate that professional lobby look in your living room, using large vases with flowers, segmented seating and glass side tables. With everything always in its rightful place, you will be able to achieve the professional look with ease.

vases with flowers living room

Idea 2: Solid color accessories

Patterns tend to complicate things. Solid color accessories are a lot more versatile and will allow you to play with various design themes throughout the year. For example, a plain, red vase is great for adding a pop of color in the living room. During the Christmas holidays, that same red vase can be easily filled with flowers that can be considered festive.

red vase in the living room

Idea 3: The bookcase

Almost everyone has a bookcase in their living room. In addition to helping you better organize your collection of books, the bookcase can be a great conversation piece. Your guests will be delighted to browse through your collection of books and will want to find out more about your collection. Your bookcase does not have to be traditional. Find a unique bookcase or one made from unexpected materials. Your guests will no doubt be jealous.

bookcase in their living room

Submit your living room design ideas! We look forward to seeing how you have integrated these three ideas.


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