Kitsch Decoration Design

kitsch Decoration DesignOne of the most important tips in kitsch decoration is to ensure that each element combines aesthetically.
Features Of Kitsch Design
Although characterized by the mixture of colors, textures and eras, the current kitsch tends do the same, but, the mixture is no longer random. Instead, they very neat and detailed. The principle of combination of non-combinable elements is maintained, but in a tasteful and harmonious manner. Kitsch decoration, if coordinated well, is eye-catching and conversation worthy. Especially if there is a story behind individual pieces in the overall design, there will always be something to talk about with guests.

Features Of Kitsch Design
Colors And Decorative Objects
Find extravagant color mixes, but without too much exaggeration. If a wall has wallpaper with orange stripes or polka dots, surely the rest of the walls should be painted in a solid color such as white. For decorative purposes, integrate paintings relating to pop culture, such as posters of movies like Grease or Saturday Night Fever, or any production of Andy Warhol or Lichtenstein, and you can even get murals from this since there are sites as muraledesign online which offer a great variety of designs for your home. Use mirrors that have very elaborate frames.

Colors And Decorative Objects
If the upholstery of the chairs is a single color, jazz them up a bit using cushions that are brightly colored and that will draw attention to what would have otherwise been a very boring chair. Adding floor lamps from the 1960s will help to complete the kitsch look. If you have a bookshelf or library, search the flea markets for some curious or unusual object to decorate the shelves or to use as bookends. If you wish to go a little further, mix those objects with family photos. Remember, everything is permitted in the kitsch design – the limit is imposed by your comfort zone.
You can take many liberties with the dining chairs and in the kitchen. Be creative with your chairs, utensils and walls. Although kitsch decoration is synonymous with exaggeration, you can also adapt it to suit your personal style, choosing colors and objects that appeal to you and making it more of a traditional decor.
10 Photos of the Kitsch Decoration Design

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