Inspiring Decoration From The Far East

Japan is a country in East Asia, located in the western Pacific Ocean. It includes a number of different islands and has an estimated population of 128 million. Designers often use decoration from the Far East countries, such as Japan, to create various design concepts for clients. When it comes to Japanese interior design, the elements usually embody life and harmony.
Japanese customs and culture are deeply woven into every detail Asian-inspired decor. Cosmic harmony and peace are usually represented in the colors, artwork and decorative pieces selected.
For a Japanese-inspired theme, black and white are two shades that are often used. Black and white depicts the contrast between good and evil. darkness and light. The two are often used in unison to create balance. Shades of red and earth tones are also common.
In general, black is used more for external walls and ornaments. White, along with other neutral colors such as beige and natural wood color, are often found on the inside.
Natural materials such as wood and bamboo are commonly used in the creation of furniture, accessories and partitions. The lines are usually clean, with intricate designs and geometric shapes. Plants and water are usually incorporated in these designs in one form or another.
What are your thoughts on decor inspired by countries in the Far East?

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