Ideas For Decorating With Art

Art galleries and museums are experienced in displaying art, having been around for centuries. It is safe to say they know a fair amount about effectively displaying art. Unlike galleries, which are usually starting from scratch with wide, empty spaces and blank walls to fill, your home is filled with designed spaces to work around and plenty of nooks and crannies to creatively display your art. So how do you achieve the best results when decorating with art?

Gallery Wall

The concept of the gallery wall inside the home has increased in popularity over the years and was inspired by a technique used by art galleries to almost overload a wall with images that are arranged in a particular pattern or to cover the entire space. Depending upon how drastic of a look you are going for, the images you choose to feature can be set in the same frame, a uniformed pattern. They may also be placed in frames of varying styles and finishes to give a more dramatic effect which is called custom framing.

Another example of a well-designed feature wall is to arrange black and white images (family photos work well for this) for a monotone and more muted effect.

Use Feature Pieces When Decorating With Art 

This is the polar opposite from the gallery wall. It features a singular piece of art or a photograph with which nothing else fights for attention.

In the more contemporary homes, this is a common practice. Large paintings take up close to the entire wall and naturally serve as conversation pieces.

Use More Than Just The Walls

Art is much more than paintings and photographs, and a home decorated with art should reflect that. Sculptures, handcrafted sea life bottle art, vases and other collectibles also work well to add a touch of sophistication to your home when decorating with art.

The items you choose to feature do not have to be confined by conventional definitions of art.  Items of personal significance are ideal in this instance.

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of decorating with art. Discover what you like, avoid what you don’t and be creative with the many ways to display your favorite pieces.

See the gallery below for some examples.

12 Photos of the Ideas For Decorating With Art

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