How To Use Wire Shelving To Increase Storage In Your Home

Closet space and pantry space is something that every home owner would love to have more of. One way to accomplish this without spending a large amount of money is by using wire shelving.  This type of shelving is much less expensive than building additional closets and it can add a lot of storage space that you may not have had before.

Wire shelving units come in all types of styles and capabilities.  Most of them are designed in a mix and match format which means you can buy different “modules” or sets to accomplish different things.  If you need long shelving you can get longer sections that can go across the top of the closet or pantry and there is also “stackable” style wire shelving that can be purchased too.  The possibilities are really endless in terms of the expanded storage space you can add to any closet or pantry in your home; but if not then consider renting a self storage unit from a rv storage facility for the mean time.

Helpful Tips to Remember

When it comes to actually installing wire shelving in your closet or pantry there are some things you can do that will make the job much faster, easier and sturdier.  It doesn’t take long to install wire shelving but you will need to do a few things first to get ready.  Don’t forget these time saving (and money saving) tips either

— Regardless of how much or how little shelving you are installing it is always a good idea to make sure you have extra parts in case you need them. Small parts have a way of walking off when you’re not looking so having these parts on hand in advance saves you from getting partway done and then having to run to the store to buy more.

— There are different gauges of wire shelving available depending on where you intend to install it. For the most part, you will not need the larger, heavy gauge wire for a closet but you might consider it for a few shelves in the pantry due to the weight of canned food. If you plan on storing a lot of cans, you will not want to worry about the weight of them being too much.

— Don’t forget to use a level when you are marking the spots that the wire shelving is going to go. A bubble stick gives a more accurate line much easier than a traditional level and they aren’t very expensive at all to buy. It is important that you’re wire shelving units are straight so don’t try to eyeball it.

— If your wire shelving panels need cutting to fit in a specific closet or pantry, the easiest way to cut them is with bolt cutters. The cut is cleaner, it’s easy to use and fast too.

— A great tip for keeping cans, jars and boxes from tipping over when they are set on your wire shelving, is to attach a ¼” pegboard to the top of the shelving. This eliminates tipping completely and till looks great too. You will need to measure the length and width of the shelf to ensure that you get the right size pegboard.

Tools You Need to Have When Installing Your Shelving

It is necessary to have all the proper tools and supplies you will need when you are installing you wire shelving units in your closets and pantry. Below is everything you will need to make the job easy and fast too.

  1. Drill – Cordless is much more convenient but if all you have is a corded drill, that will do just fine
  2. Tape measure – Accurate measurements are crucial for a good wire shelving job. Remember to measure twice, cut one.
  3. Stud Finder – This is an important part of finding the studs you will need to attach your shelving to. Not attached to a wall stud, the whole shelf can be pulled right out of the wall if things are too heavy.
  4. Level or bubble stick – you need to make sure your shelving is level before permanently attaching it to the wall.
  5. Cordless or regular screwdriver – You will need this to screw the screws into the wall for the brackets. A cordless one is the easiest and fastest but a regular manual one will work as well.
  6. All Your Wire Shelving – Make sure you have all the shelving you need. Since you should have measured your closet and/or pantry prior to purchasing, you should know exactly how much to get. Don’t forget the extra pieces just in case you need them.


Having plenty of shelving space in your closets and pantry is always helpful especially if your home doesn’t have a lot of storage space to begin with. Wire shelving units offer a practical, attractive and inexpensive way to increase your storage.  They are extremely possible for use in many areas and they are available in different thicknesses, configurations and lengths.

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