Foyer Design Ideas For Luxury Homes

The foyer is that open area at the start of the staircase in your home. In some homes, it is a small area that receives very little attention. In others, the space is as large as a room, and big enough to look awkward if it is not decorated.

By far, the foyer is probably that easiest area in the home to decorate. If you have struggled with finding ideas for decorating the foyer area in your home, here are six items we recommend you consider using.

  1. An over-sized vase. Use an exotic over-sized vase that matches the design theme of your home in a corner by  the foyer. You can choose to leave the vase empty or add a few stems of fresh or dried flowers for greater contrast.
  2. Add an unusual bench or interesting seating solution. You can use a bench, sofa or accent chairs to create a seating area in the foyer. The design of the seating solution should be in line with the theme in which the house is decorated.
  3. Small table with vase and fresh flowers. A small accent table can be used in the foyer with a vase of freshly cut flowers from your garden. Be sure to monitor the flowers and have them changed out when they start to show signs of wilting.
  4. Large mirrors and paintings. Use a large mirror on a wall opposite your paintings and framed photos. The reflection will add to the décor and help to create an even more interesting space.
  5. Area rugs. Large rugs are luxurious and great for helping your foyer to stand out. You can choose from a circular, square or rectangular rug for use in the foyer. Depending on the amount of space you have available and the pattern on the rug, it can be used by itself of with other items.
  6. Sculpture. If you enjoy art, in particular sculptures, you can use a large piece or several pieces as a part of your foyer décor. Place the sculptures in a corner or an area you believe will have the most impact.

Any of the items above can be used to help transform your foyer from a boring and bare space to one that is eye-catching and interesting.

Below are a few awesome foyer designs we have collected. Each design contains one or several items from the list above.  Let us know how you like them.

12 Photos of the Foyer Design Ideas For Luxury Homes

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