Exterior Remodeling to Transform Your Home

When you are planning to remodel your home interior, why not include the exterior in the plan with your home renovation contractor as well? Did you know that the exterior of a building is a major factor in determining its value in the real estate market? It may be time to start you home remodeling project and turn transform your home inside out, literally.

If you are already considering a new exterior home design, focus on areas such as driveways, windows, porches, gardens, gates, and doors. Pay attention to the painting, brickwork, residential siding and lighting as well. It might be time to do a home siding replacement after all and you might want to consider vinyl siding for that project. Placing some bollard lights can add attractive ambient lighting to your property as well as improve your home security by increasing visibility. Moreover, you may want to improve your home security system by adding automatic gates, which can be provided by a residential and commercial gate automation company. Your garage can also contribute to your home’ s security as well as its curb appeal; visit for your garage options. Don’t forget to inspect your garage doors and contact a garage door repair professional if necessary. The main purpose of fine-mesh gutter guards is to prevent all but the finest of particles through to your gutter.

When working on the exterior, depending on the type of work you are doing, rain could be a factor. If you are digging, moving dirt around, or trying to install flooring, water could set you back many days. Long after the weather has settled actually. Keep in mind that there are construction services that are able to provide dewatering pumps to assist you if this happens. In some cases it is an absolute necessity in order to prevent flooding and water damage, while in others you just might be looking to hurry things along. With the project you will be embarking on here you might develop a use for this equipment, so keep it in mind as an option, I recommend you read the fuze bug reviews to know why you should get one for your back.

Maximize Space

Convert the garage into an extended living room by installing windows, matching its brickwork to the rest of your house and painting it in an inviting color after you replace the door with the help of garage door repair services. If your home is a large and detached one, you’re in luck. It will let you perform major changes such as installing a new verandah or a porch.

Beautify the Garden

It’s time for you to get your hands dirty. Give the garden your undivided attention. Trim, prune, cut, clear out, and water as much as you have to. Leave no trace of weeds or overgrowth. You can hire lawn aerator rental services to create holes in the soil in order to help lawn grasses grow and provide erosion control while you do some residential yard workTree trimming, tree stump grinding and tree removal service should be done on all trees surrounding your property to provide a uniform look to your outdoor space. Start your fence painting project and apply a fresh coat of paint or two on the fence and (if any) the gate. You may also get a new fence installation from a fence installation services contractor who can transform your exterior beautifully with the best fencing solutions. You can also install a sprinkler system with the help of a trenching company. Clean the path using a power washing machine. Add some new planters (of seasonal flowers maybe?) and install some garden lights powered by solar energy. Off you go!

Replace the Front Door with a More Eye-Catching One

Your house’s front door doesn’t have to match with all the others in the neighborhood. Think out of the box and bring home a new front door of a contrasting color as you can see at the joinery dublin catalog. The color doesn’t have to match the exterior color scheme of your house. As long as the colors compliment each other, it will look good. Not only color, you can also pick a design that contrasts with the rest of your home’s design and architecture. The same can be done with some door hardware. For example, add contemporary door hardware like knob, letterbox etc. to conventional exterior-paneled doors and pair up contemporary doors with traditional door furniture. You can even add some unique touches such as illuminated house numbers.

Invest in New Windows

Windows provide identity to a house, you should know when to replace your windows. And when it comes to windows, wood is still unbeatable. Your other options are PVC windows, metal windows, and contemporary tilt and turn windows. If you don’t think it’d be financially wise to change the windows completely, upgrade the sashes or look around for some painting ideas to give the windows a facelift.


Speaking of painting, you can’t do without repainting if you are thinking about exterior remodeling of your home. Put on your thinking cap and come up with some home painting ideas that will make your home stand out from the crowd; a handyman is the perfect person to do the job. this job with be easier with telescopic ladders.

Try these tips and discuss them with your general contractors. There’s absolutely no reason why your home exterior shouldn’t look as good as your home interior. Make sure to rent a roll-off dumpster before you start with your remodeling project. Getting a dumpster rental for your project will provide you with the space you need to dispose of your old stuff and clutter in an organized way.

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