Creating Decorative Canning Jars

Decorative canning jars can be created by crafting some simple household items into a nice art project. Jars are used for saving foods such as sweets, and fruits and vegetables. Most jars are made out of heavy and high quality glass. It will be possible to decorate the jars well if creative people who love something new are willing to make the jars looks different. This can be an additional job that can be done in spare time.

Start with Preparing the Decorative Canning Jars

Decorative canning jars should be started by thoroughly cleaning the jars. During the cleaning process, use hot water and soap. Be careful not to clean using anything abrasive as this will scratch the jars and make it difficult for paint and glue to stick to the glass. After that, making sure that the jars are dry enough is important. The drying process  may take several minutes. This is a good time to get everything else ready for the project. Doing this job over the weekend is a great idea.

Find Clean Jars and Decorative Items

Accessories should be applied. But when searching for items to use as accessories, try not to spend too much money. Making accessories out of unused items will give the jars a nice crafty and homemade feel. To attach the accessories to the jars, using  glue is OK. Glue is rather cheap so it can leave you more spending room for other accessories and such.

After completing your Decorative canning jars, you can place your food inside it, but make sure the jars are totally dry and the inside of the jar is clean. The finished products should look nice and can compliment the kitchen as well as the living room, as you can put candy inside the jars for a snack.

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