Colors that Fit Best for a Wedding

Colors that Fit Best for a Wedding

Traditionally, a few could have two colors which they used because in their wedding. With all that in your mind, you actually want to decide on colors you love. You will soon be seeing plenty of these! Additionally, you want to choose two colors that work very well with each other.

15 Wedding Color Combos 2017

  1. Wedding Color: Emerald + Cream + Gold

Wedding Color: Emerald + Cream + Gold

2. Wedding Color: Magenta + Poppy + Yellow

Wedding Color: Magenta + Poppy + Yellow

It’s recommended to choose your wedding colors after you realize the positioning for the wedding venue and for the reception. Otherwise, there’s a chance that everything you opt for can clash with what’s in position at those locations. Then those colors can be a disruption for you personally and your guests rather than a beautiful solution to enhance the wonder of one’s wedding day.

3. Wedding Color: Tangerine + Orange + Yellow

Wedding Color: Tangerine + Orange + Yellow

4. Wedding Color: Cinnamon + Yellow + Beige

Wedding Color: Cinnamon + Yellow + Beige

5. Wedding Color: Poppy + Celadon + White

Wedding Color: Poppy + Celadon + White


Look at the form of atmosphere that you wish to create on your wedding day. Light colors can offer a very soft and romantic atmosphere. If you get a band that performs country music at Ryman, then that would help greatly. If you prefer something that’s livelier consider bold colors which can be very vibrant. Lots of people take the summer season of the entire year when they’re getting married into account too once they choose their wedding colors 2017.

For instance, in the spring and summertime, lighter colors tend to be more appealing. In the fall and the wintertime then darker colors appear to emerge more often. You way desire to take that same approach for the wedding colors as well. Your personal background could be the biggest influence though as it pertains to the colors you’ll use.

6. Wedding Color: Yellow + Gray + Silver

Wedding Color: Yellow + Gray + Silver

7. Wedding Color: Black + Pale Green + White

Wedding Color: Black + Pale Green + White

8. Wedding Color: Chartreuse + Powder Blue + Cornflower Blue

Wedding Color: Chartreuse + Powder Blue + Cornflower Blue

Meanings of colors

Lots of people and even cultures associate different colors with various meanings. If that’s something which you do, then it’s only fitting you may wish to use colors in your wedding which can be reflective of one’s feelings you want to generally share for the day. In case a particular color influences your mood or your emotions then they might draw you in their mind when selecting the colors you will use.

Have a great time exploring different choices as it pertains to selecting your two wedding colors. Like that that you do not feel rushed engrossed and that you do not regret your final decision later on. Keep the notion of the method that you uses those colors in your mind as well to ensure that guess what happens will be considered a good fit and what won’t.

9. Wedding Color: Navy + Yellow + Blue

Navy + Yellow + Blue

10. Wedding Color: Navy + Eggplant + Gold

Wedding Color: Navy + Eggplant + Gold

11. Wedding Color: Aqua + Cherry Red + Khaki

Wedding Color: Aqua + Cherry Red + Khaki

It’s recommended to explore what you will find in the 2 colors you’ve selected when you commit in their mind for the wedding. In the event that you can’t find decorations or other things in one of many given colors then you might have to challenge through most of the planning stages of one’s wedding. That you do not want to really make the process one that’s often organized so just make sure that your colors are available in good supply.

In the long run, the 2 colors which can be selected for the wedding ceremony are completely as much as the couple. Sometimes they’ll choose the favorite color of all of them to manage to combine them – a symbol of all of them and then being joined together during the wedding ceremony.

12. Wedding Color: Gold + Peach + Green

Wedding Color: Gold + Peach + Green

13. Wedding Color: Merlot + Peach + Sage

Wedding Color: Merlot + Peach + Sage

14. Wedding Color: Sage + Gold + Ivory

Wedding Color: Sage + Gold + Ivory

15. Wedding Color: Purple + Burgundy + Orange

Wedding Color: Purple + Burgundy + Orange

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