Blackout Curtains: The Amazing Benefits You May Not Know

You can consider blackout curtains to be especially beneficial to you if you’re the type who enjoys their peace of mind. Because they can be considered as the golden ticket to a beautiful undisturbed, almost divine sleep or it could be a definite means of blocking everything out when you’re just not ready to face the music.

These curtains first came into existence during World War II. They were used by the British to hide any indoor lights that could be visible to the Nazi’s flying above their heads. A visible light meant a bomb was sure to descend and seal their fate.

In the modern era; however, we are thankfully liberated from using these curtains for such dire purposes. They are more of a protection from the light coming outside than the other way around. Let’s count the few but valued blessings that these can provide for a restless soul.

Sleep Like A Log

These curtains are a blessing for someone who’s just done the graveyard shift and needs to catch up on their sleep. They won’t notice a thing once those curtains wrap them in a welcoming deep velvety darkness. These curtains work just as well for infants who need their naps. It’s a surefire way to make them sleep longer.

Save Energy

Did you know that 10-25% of thermal energy gets lost through windows? That’s almost a quarter of your yearly heating and cooling bills! Blackout curtains not only block light, but also keep temperature fluctuations and losses in check by up to 25% of the total losses occurred.

Tell Your Ears To Thank You

Blackout curtains are a great way to block out a major chunk of noise (almost 40%) entering your home from outside. This could be really helpful for anybody who likes their peace and quiet. Besides blocking outside noise, blackout curtains can also be great in home theaters by reducing echo formation and improving picture quality with the reduced light to give a great movie experience to anybody who can’t wait till it’s nighttime.

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