5 Most Common Decorating Mistakes

5 Most common mistakes in decorating – Those who love decorating know that a harmonious, attractive and stylish atmosphere is much more complex than simply gathering a couple of beautiful objects in a room. There are some basic rules to be observed in almost every household decorative adventure.
When rules are not taken into account, the results will still be unsatisfactory, even after carefully choosing colors, ornaments and furniture. To make your next decorating a real success, here are some home decorating mistakes and what you can do to solve them.
The most frequent errors in decoration
Error 1. Ignoring measurements

A piece of furniture can look great in the store, but not fit the dimensions of your room. Before buying furniture, space planning is important. Take all the necessary steps to acquire the proper measurements. Good use of space is the first step to a balanced decor.
Error 2. Choosing the color paint

The paint color for a room is one of the key items in decor, as it makes or breaks the whole spirit of the setting. Paint stores may not have the lighting right, and this will possibly cause you to choose colors that will look different in the light at your home. Before buying paint, ask the seller to fix you a sample, and do a test run at home to see how it looks with natural and artificial lighting in the room. You cannot go wrong painting the walls with the color you chose, once you do a test with the sample.
Error 3. Use the same color woods

As in the forest, a room can coexist with different wood types and colors. If all the furniture is the same color, the space will be monotonous and even dreary. Mix light and dark wood furniture, floors, doors and windows to give more interest to the decor.
Error 4. Place all the furniture against the wall

To give impetus to the air and space, do not put all the furniture against the wall. Some modular pieces will work well against a large wall, but the seats and small tables should be more focused in the room and placed away from the walls.
Error 5. Buy the complete set of furniture

Many pieces of furniture are harmoniously arranged in the shop windows as a unit, but that does not mean you have to buy all the parts. On the contrary, the furniture sets are often too obvious and tiresome. Combining pieces from different collections will create more interest and add variety to the decor.
Which of these mistakes in decorating are you guilty of? How will you fix it?
12 Photos of the 5 Most Common Decorating Mistakes

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