4th of July Party Ideas and Madness

You should never miss out on a chance to party, especially when it is celebrating your independence. As far as party themes go, a 4th of July theme is both patriotic and festive. Call home friends and family and celebrate the special day, maybe even watch the fireworks display together. However, whenever there is a theme party, there is a lot of planning involved. Here are some tips that can help you get a little more organized about the party.

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Festive Party Decorations

Although you will find plenty of store bought decoration choices, you can always create your own 4th of July crafts and stun the guests. A good example of that is a carved watermelon. Just use a stencil and a thin, sharp knife to carve out inscriptions, festive designs and the like. The red interior peeking out of the green surface creates a striking effect. These can then be used as attractive table decorations to spread the cheer. You could even design innovative decoration ideas on the computer, take print outs and stick them onto coasters, or use them as wall decorations. The options are endless. You can buy lights, paint and much more articles at

4th of July Recipes

A great idea for a 4th of July party is to throw an all-American barbecue party. You could cook up some of the choicest ribs, briskets and burgers. Make sure to keep some cool drinks to beat the summer heat. A deep red watermelon drink mixed topped with some Blue Lagoon syrup should be a perfect drink for the season. The one place you can get really creative is the dessert. The grandeur of the dessert will be directly proportionate to your baking skills. You could bake a full-on American flag or do something simple like a fruit salad. Remember when looking for 4th of July party ideas for dessert, strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream are your best friends.

Party Activities

This is the most flexible aspect of this special theme party. You can do whatever you see fit to celebrate this day of freedom. You could invent your own games with its own rules or take hints from the various ideas available on the Internet. If it is a family party, include some silly games like sack racing, bobbing apples and potatoes-on-a-spoon race. These are fun to do, easy to arrange and people of all ages can enjoy them. These kinds of games are a great option for family events as they are sure to elicit some pure, unadulterated joy.

There are many things you can do for your 4th of July party ideas, just make sure it is fun and a little silly too.

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