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3D wall Décor for Your Living Room Home

3D wall décor

3D wall décor can be considered as something unusual in many houses. However, if you have one in your living room, then you can say that you have one of the best living rooms among all of those houses. That is because the nice looking 3D decoration for the wall in your living room will be one nice attraction that will attract many people’s attention. Therefore, you might want to try some of these easy and simple 3D decorations for your living room wall.

3D decorations for your living room

Some Ideas for 3D Wall Decor

There are so many ideas that you can try for the 3D personalized neon signs from Neon Mama décor in your living room wall. One of them is the carton. If you have some colorful cartons in your house, you can simply make many butterflies from the cartons and glue the body part of the butterflies from the carton to the wall. After that, you can fold the wings up and you will have the nice looking 3D décor for living room wall. Besides butterflies, you can also try flowers, stars, and some other objects that you like.

Ideas for 3D Wall Decor

Another nice idea that you can try is the bottles or the cans. You just need to cut many used plastic bottles or cans and glue them all on the wall in your living room. However, you might want to cut the bottles randomly so that you can have the different height of the bottle that will give the better-looking effect for the living room. The same thing goes to the cans if you pick the cans over the bottles.

If you are interested in some other designs for the 3D effect for your wall art, then you can simply check on the internet for some more. You will be able to find a lot of ideas that are worth to try for your living room.

3D effect for your wall

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