Using Orchids When Decorating Your Home

As you may have noticed, one of the coolest plants is the orchid, and it is great for use when decorating your home. If your home does not have a single orchid anywhere in sight, then you should consider getting a few. A blooming orchid can do a lot for your home, and you should make the best of it.
Set the table
In most cases women like to have a little decoration on the table. This helps to fancy things up a bit. Adding a nicely potted orchid in the center of the table will work wonders. Cherry blossoms are also a great addition and will add variety to the table.
In the study

An orchid will help to fuel creativity and bring serenity to any room. If you do not have enough space on your desktop, you can place a small table nearby with the orchids and possibly a small tabletop water feature. The study will take on a whole new feel immediately.
At the front door

There is nothing more important than the first impression people have of your home. To ensure that your house is warm, place a blooming orchid near the main entrance. This should be one of the first things your guests see on entering your home.
In the mirror

There are a number of ways in which mirrors may be used in decorating. One of the best decorating ideas is to use mirror as a backdrop for a plant, such as an orchid. The mirror will help to make the room appear larger and brighter, and at the same time, the reflection of the orchid will add a touch of color to the room.

In most cases, the corners of a house are pretty boring. This can be avoided by adding a small table in the corner with an orchid. The orchid will help the previously boring corner to become a new focal point.
Do you use orchids when decorating your home? Which orchids are your favorite?

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