Tips to Choose Best Solar Pool Heater

Several options of pool heater you can choose are such as electric heat pump, gas heater, and solar heating. Solar pool heater generally costs in the range of $3,000 to $5,000. What makes each solar pool heating has different cost is the system and your pool size. For an 8m by 4m pool, you need at about 1,250 USD only for the installation. Meanwhile the system kit costs about of 2,500 USD. Importantly, you have to ensure that your pool heater is installed by the professionals or certified person.

Solar Pool Heater Tips

Solar Pool Heater Tips

Besides is cost, you should have many questions related to solar pool heater and one of them is about how to choose the pool heating which use solar energy. Besides, you might question about the installation, too. Before visiting the showroom, you must ask to your friends or family about the professional company where solar heater for pool is available. You must choose the company which has experience in both installing and maintaining.

The Solar Pool Heating Rings

Then, you should ensure that the company you choose has appropriate licenses related with the contractor of solar pool heating. Further, you need to visit more than one showroom to know the best prices of the installation and maintaining system of solar pool heater. After knowing the showroom with best price, make yourself more confident by asking the details of the on-going service from the showroom.

Finally, you have to make sure that it has warranty. Commonly, the warranty will be ten years. Somehow, you should know the term and condition in details about the warranty system. The other tips you need to know is avoid using the solar pool heater when you think you do not need it especially in the winter months. Finally, this would be much better if you have the solar controller which is automatically working when you need it.

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