Tips and Treatment of Wicker Patio Furniture

Your wicker patio furniture should be paid attention to protect it. That is why you have to treat and clean it regularly. Different from wood or stainless furniture, wicker is a weaving technique that should be treated carefully. Moreover, it is placed in the outdoor space where it is hit by the sun even in the very extreme climate. This page will show you how to clean it correctly so your furniture will be more durable and cleaner.

Wicker Patio Furniture Treatment

The very basic treatment you have to know is cleaning the wicker patio furniture regularly from the dust. You are able to brush it every day to protect it from dust. You can use vacuum to clean it. If you let it dirty especially because of dust, it can collect crevices which can cause mildew to the wicker furniture for patio. Thus, it can breakdown the fiber of the wicker and decay it eventually. So, don’t forget to keep it clean.

Further, you have to place it in the protected spot and make it in the stable condition. Placing the patio wicker furniture in the too cold temperature place will make the wicker furniture become stiff. On the other hand, if you place it in the too hot too hot temperature place, your furniture will be more elastic. Furthermore, too much moisture location will make the wicker furniture sag and it can cause mildew to the units.

Then, most wicker patio furniture is painted. By the time you find the paint is on damage, you can fix it using spray paint. Besides is making the furniture fresher, it can refresh your patio area. Choose the recommended and special spray paint for wicker to get the best result. Importantly, you need to check the cleanliness time to time. By applying the tips above, your wicker furniture will be more comfy and interesting.

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