Thanksgiving Parade Float Ideas

Thanksgiving parade float ideas

Everyone loves a good Thanksgiving Parade and all parades are made more fun with the addition of fun floats. It can be just as much fun to come up with and successfully execute a good float design. Here are some Thanksgiving parade float ideas.

A turkey is always a good idea for a thanksgiving float. Turkeys have come to represent the spirit of the holiday in so many ways, from the sharing of thanksgiving turkey to being grateful for the bounty of food they represent.  Another great Thanksgiving parade float idea is the classic Native Americans and Pilgrims scene. If children are involved in the float, they can be dressed up in traditional early Pilgrim and Native American clothing and seated around a symbolic table, waving to onlookers as the float makes its way down the parade route.

Thanksgiving parade float

The most important thing to remember when considering Thanksgiving parade float ideas is the feasibility of the ideas. Some ideas are much more complex than others and extra time should be taken to prepare, and other ideas are simple and require far less planning.

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