Summer Cleaning Projects

Housekeeping is something we cannot escape, no matter how hard we try. Smart people do regular residential cleaning so that they are not left with a massive cleaning project; the lazy do not do that. For the slackers, summer cleaning is nothing short of terror. It is important not to panic at the piled up chores to do, but if you are going to need that extra help, then consider hiring house cleaning and trash removal services. Prioritize your cleaning tasks and draw up a proper summer cleaning checklist. As you finish each task, strike them off the list. This will not only help you get organized but also generate a sense of accomplishment as you tick of the done deeds. To help you get started, the following are the most ignored cleaning needs as per house cleaning services dublin.


This is perhaps the most worked appliance in the house. It runs all day and night without complain, bearing all your tortures. The best way to maintain the refrigerator is, of course, to take regular care of it. Wipe off the spills the moment they occur so that no hard stains are formed; make it a habit to throw out rotten foods every week and wipe the surfaces whenever you can. For spring cleaning, wash the removable shelves and drawer in lukewarm soapy water. Make sure you bring the glass shelves to room temperature before dipping them in warm water. Use a toothbrush to reach the crannies and vacuum the condenser coils to avoid overheating of the system.

Window and Blinds

We do clean the windows occasionally with our trusted window cleaner solutions but when you look at them closely; you will find the tell-tale streaks on them. For a truly clean window you need to invest in the rubber squeegee, or you might want to reach out to a Tool hire in the UK who could tend to the windows and blinds of your house. This is the contraption that professional window cleaners use for a streak-free clean. Use a sponge dipped in soapy water to wet the windows and then just pull the squeegee across the window’s surface. This will give you a clean, dry window that can withstand the sunlight test. These squeegees also come with screw-on extenders that allow you to reach higher windows. Spring cleaning is also the time to tend to ignored blinds. For wooden blinds, you need to use specific wood cleansers, for the aluminum kind, use a non-corrosive cleanser. Make sure to wipe the metal blinds dry to avoid rusting.

Carpet and Upholstery

You may have wanted to call in the professional carpet cleaning services for quite some time but other things kept coming in the way. One of the most important spring cleaning tips is that, give cleaning a priority. Call them now or give one last try to tackle the carpet yourself. There are plenty of dry shampoos and carpet conditioners to help you out. You may even want to bring down the heavy drapes and put up some airy curtains for summer decorating ideas. But before you stow them away, make sure the drapes are clean and dry so that they are not moth-eaten by winter. Just looking at the back of your couch makes you cringe. It’s becoming increasingly evident that professional upholstery cleaning is needed, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it.

Cleaning is daunting when there is a lot of it, break up the tasks and it gets much easier.

12 Photos of the Summer Cleaning Projects

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