Stone Resin Or Acrylic – Which Shower Tray Is Right For You?

There are a large number of materials used to create shower trays. Stone resin and acrylic shower trays are among the top options. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on what you are looking for.
Let us help with your decision making with this quick and easy guide about the features and benefits of each.
Stone resin is known for being the strongest type of shower trays. They are billed as lasting for a lifetime, and are considered durable. They are made from a mixture of crushed stone and a resin-based glue, which is poured into a mould and set, before a gel coating is added to give the tray its white appearance. Known for its high quality and incredibly robust construction, the stone resin shower tray is for the homeowner with a big budget looking to create a bathroom that will last a lifetime.
One disadvantage of stone resin shower trays is that they are incredibly heavy. Installing one upstairs can be difficult, unless there are several persons involved in the process. The weight of the tray often results in issues with the pipe work. Connecting the pipes on the underside of the tray can be very difficult, but not impossible. A makeshift platform should be able to lift the tray a few inches away from the piping so that it can all be connected.
Acrylic trays are everything that stone resin trays are not. They are perfect for areas where weight might be an issue (boats, caravans, chalets, and thin or unsteady floorboards), and they can quite easily be connected to the piping infrastructure because of the light construction. Not only are the acrylic trays much lighter than their stone resin counterparts, they are also less price, but this is often an indication of quality. Acrylic shower trays may last a few years before they need to be replaced, unlike the stone resin trays, which can last for decades. After suffering many years with a reputation for being flimsy and insubstantial, technological advancements have resulted in improved acrylics that are now a viable option, even for buyers with a larger budget.
The acrylic trays are perfect for homes where the family might not be intending to stay very long. If there is any plan to relocate in the near future, it is definitely not worth the investment to install an incredibly expensive and heavy resin shower tray. Acrylic trays work perfectly for a few years and are no less stylish than the resin trays. Acrylic trays are simply a more budget-friendly option for those with less cash to spare.
Both types of trays have specific benefits and disadvantages; it is simply up to the customer to decide which type is best for their needs.
What do you say? Stone resin or acrylic?

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