Stone Flooring Pros and Cons You Have to Know First

The stone flooring is a truly beautiful choice you will never want to miss out whether when you’re remodeling the interior or constructing a new room. With so many stone flooring ideas you can explore out there, they are the proof of how popular this flooring option is. Before making your decision, it’s always best to know the pros and cons first. Here they are.

Pros and Cons of Stone Flooring

In general, the stone flooring is easy to maintain. Rather than dating, it’ll improve as it ages. Stone floor is also flexible as it can work with any design style. The color schemes this flooring option offers are typically neutral, but each has a distinct look naturally created. For example, marble flooring tends to look more formal. Meanwhile, limestone typically is light in color. Its popularity is also made by its durability and versatility.

This flooring type tends to feel cold, which may be unappealing since it reduces the comfort especially during the colder months. Even so, you can address to this issue with under-floor heating. Luckily, once warmed, the stone flooring can retain the heat really well so you are ensured with the warmth and comfort for any room where the stone will be installed.

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