Some Bedroom Ideas For Teenage Boys

There are a ton of bedroom ideas for teenage boys to choose from. Teenage girls are not the only ones who wish to have a well-designed bedroom. Teenage boys are also desirous of having their bedrooms decked out. Teenage boys have plenty of ideas and want to have a themed bedroom as well. While their preferences are important, as parents, care should be taken that bedroom themes allow for functionality. If you are pressed for time, hiring a professional decorator is highly recommended. Be sure to take hints from things the child enjoys such as sports, cartoons and movies.

Here are a few bedroom ideas for teenage boys you could consider:

  • For teens who love football, you can set up a bedroom set that has a football theme. For accessories, you can use green carpeting to represent the football field. If teenage boys like a specific football club, you may use a picture of the club’s emblem on the wall.
  • For teens who love music, you can use furniture that is brown in color. In addition, use ornaments of musical instruments to accessorize the room. If you wish to add accent pieces to the walls, use wallpapers related to music, for example piano wallpaper, musical notes and so on.
  • If your teenage boy prefers the simple things, you can use a minimalist style bedroom theme. To paint the walls, you may use wall paint that is synonymous with a minimalist design, such as gray. The main point of a minimalist design is simplicity with the decorations chosen.
  • If the teenager likes certain characters from storybooks or television, then finding a theme will be no trouble. Such a decor job will be very easy. Simply add images of the specific character all around the bedroom, with small keepsakes. As for the wall paint, use the child’s favorite color. He will have to be in the space everyday, so he must like it.  Shop for character sheets and rugs to complete the look.

These bedroom ideas for teenage boys are only a few of tons of possible ideas.  Once the decoration is complete, encourage the teenager to be neat and tidy to maintain the bedroom’s charm.

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