Picking The Right Maple Hardwood Floors For Your Home

Carpet can be hard to clean up and laminate flooring isn’t an ideal option for many homeowners. Instead, maple hardwood floors provide homeowners with a great look, as well as value to the overall price of the home.  Maple flooring is often something that prospective homebuyers look for, simply because of the attractiveness that it adds to the house.

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Maple hardwood floors come in a variety of different colors and patterns. Many homeowners will go for a darker color, which looks great when accented with light furnishings. In the kitchen, lighter seat covers and appliances go beautifully with a dark floor underneath.

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For those that have darker appliances, maple hardwood floors can also be found in lighter colors as well. With a lighter stain finish, homeowners can add to what they already have in their home, with flooring that will be the perfect compliment.

Maple Hardwood Flooring

Caring For Maple Hardwood Flooring

Caring for new hardwood flooring isn’t the same as what you would with laminate or other hard surfaces. Instead, maple hardwood floors are often much more sensitive, which means they can scratch and scuff more easily. Despite the necessity to keep up with the appearance of maple hardwood floors, it’s certainly an investment worth making. Having clean and clear maple hardwood floors will make the home shine.

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Many homeowners think that laying their new maple hardwood flooring is the perfect DIY project, even if they are unfamiliar with most other parts of carpentry. In most cases, this can be true. Learning to properly remove old flooring and add a new layer is a moderate DIY project. For those that are looking for something new to do around the home, adding new flooring can add value after just a few days of work.would with laminate DIY projectWhether homeowners decide to do it on their own or with the help of others, adding maple hardwood floors can add aesthetic appeal to the entire house.

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