Mid-Century Modern Decorating On A Budget

An amazing overhaul of your home can be achieved with Mid–Century modern decorating on a budget. Mid-Century modern design is marked by the minimalist attributes of clean, simple lines, neutral and monochromatic colors. Stay away from overcrowding your space with unnecessary items. Less is better when it comes to Mid-Century modern design.
When choosing furniture, stick to simple designs, colors and textures. Blend the simple lines and vintage or retro furniture with wood flooring and area rugs. If your budget allows, buy quality antique furniture pieces that are in keeping with the style of the era. Group your furniture to create intimate seating arrangements. Do not get distracted from your goal of minimalism. If you wish to do Mid-Century modern decorating on a budget, and really want to use authentic pieces, you can check out a few auctions, estate sales and thrift stores in your area. You may be pleasantly surprised by bargains you will be able to find. Even if you are not able to find original pieces, you may be lucky in sourcing quality reproductions that will match your design theme.
The marriage of Mid-Century modern design magically happens when mixed with period furniture, artwork and accessories from that era. You are trying to achieve the effect of simplicity and minimalism, while still offering an aura of sophistication. Although it seems that there are many rules that govern Mid-Century modern interior design, do not allow your design to become boring or generic. Do not be afraid to put your personal stamp on the design. Your home should reflect your personality, but should also keep you on track to complete your Mid-Century modern decorating on a budget.
Which era appeals to you the most when it comes to decorating? Is it the Mid-Century?
12 Photos of the Mid-Century Modern Decorating On A Budget

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