Merits and Demerits of Bamboo Wood Floors

Many home owners and builders have opted for bamboo flooring in the recent years, not just because of its beauty and unique style, but also because of the reduced amount of carbon footprint that this biodegradable material offers.

In the next paragraphs, advantages and disadvantages of using bamboo for wooden floors will be presented.

For starters, bamboo grows faster than normal trees, such as maple, and while also compared to many trees that reach maturity at almost 100 years, for the bamboo tree only a fraction of the time will be necessary for it to reach maturity. Of course, the bad part is that it is only produced in China, and for the moment only two bamboo dealership companies are legitimate enough to gain attention from the clients.

What makes bamboo so attractive for floor tiling is the fact that it’s biodegradable and also very soft, that is why it is recommended to avoid walking on high heels on bamboo wood floors. A good way to test the durability of the bamboo is to gently press a coin on the surface and observe if the prints remain. The harder the bamboo, longer is its life.

Types of bamboo available

Currently, there are two types of bamboo wood floors on the market: stranded bamboo and engineered bamboo. Engineered bamboo is much sturdier than the natural kind and also offers moist resistance, while stranded bamboo is made from shredded fibers that are mixed with a special glue and pressured together to create the flooring sheets; very durable, but difficult to install.

Another thing to take in consideration when using bamboo wood floors is the fact that the color tends to whiten or bleach itself from exposure or sunlight, and that may cause a problem for the owners.

The bamboo that is imported is treated with formaldehyde which may bother some people when shopping for the wooden floors because it may cause an illness.

Stranded bamboo is manufactured from bamboo fibers which have been minced. The minced fibers are then combined with a glue. Bamboo flooring of this type is long lasting, nevertheless, due to the wood’s high density it is so hard to station properly.

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