Incorporating Child Safety in Your Home Design

While your baby is still confined to the bed, it is time to start baby proofing the house. As soon as you become a parent you become fearful of your child’s safety. While you might have gotten used to the environment in your home, for your child it is an unchartered land that needs to be explored. And God knows what they will find in their exploration. It is important to upgrade your homesecuritysystems and look for things that can be dangerous for the child. Germs and bacteria will always be present especially in hard to reach spaces, it’s best to implement residential uv light systems in order to disinfect such places for the health and safety of your child. The important thing is not to obsess about it and go about the baby proof procedure in a systematic, sensible way. The following checklist will help.

Take a Tour

Take a tour around the house and see which pieces of furniture have sharp edges. Look for table corner, exposed metal rails and broken glass. These need to be immediately fixed to avoid any accidents. You also need to step up on the cleanliness of the house. If you are planning to let the child crawl all across the floor, it would be wise to hire disinfection services to make sure the floor and other surfaces are wiped and cleaned with disinfectant solution. Also you need to clean up your act. Keep shoes stowed away in closed cabinets so that the child cannot go around licking them; yes, they do that! Even the garbage bin should be kept out of reach. Kids, for some reason, have the vilest sense of hygiene; they love to play around in the filthiest of things. So keep the house as clean as possible.

Lock the Cabinets

The cabinets hold plenty of items of their interest, and most of these items are poisonous for them. That is why you need to secure these cabinets with child safe locks. These make it difficult for kids to open them but adults can do the same easily. Many people join the home child safety brigade a bit late, after the child has already started the rampage. If you happen to place cabinet locks after they have already discovered the treasures of the cabinets, be ready for some very angry screams. That is why it is better to get the home safety taken care of long before the child learns to crawl. You will save a lot of time and energy.

The Danger Elements

According to a general electrician, two of the most important elements in the home that needs immediate attention are stairs and electrical outlets. The stairs are a great attraction for them and they love to climb up and down the stairs. They have no vision of what might happen if they miss a step – you do. Install sturdy gates and the top and bottom of the stairs. According to a residential and commercial electrician, the electrical outlets too need to be covered so that the child is not tempted to put his or her finger into the outlet. Contact a residential electrician or a commercial electrical contractor and ask how you can child proof your outlets. These are features that you need to keep in mind when you have a child in your home.

As the baby grows, you might discover a few things more that you need to do. For now, start with the basics and learn as you go – every parent does.

12 Photos of the Incorporating Child Safety in Your Home Design

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