Ideas For Awesome Wicker Furniture

Few things in interior design say “easy living” quite like woven and wicker furniture.

Woven furniture does particularly well as patio and poolside furniture because it allows for air and moisture to flow through. Airflow is beneficial because it helps to keep you cool when seated as well as to help dry the furniture in the event it should get wet. Allowing moisture through keeps the furniture from soaking and absorbing the moisture, which eventually leads to rot. With modern materials that are UV and water resistant, woven furniture has a significantly longer lifespan than previous versions.

Wicker furniture, on the other hand, doesn’t have many of the features commonly seen in modern materials that have been processed. This is due to the fact that materials like rattan are left in their natural state for aesthetic purposes. Because of their rustic appeal, wicker furniture naturally finds its place in sun rooms, an atrium and other open, and airy areas in the home.  They should however be protected from exposure to moisture at all costs.

When shopping for woven or wicker furniture, look for cushions that are made from modern fabrics that will not trap water, as opposed to letting it build up and result in rotting of the furniture and a buildup of mold.  Cushions made from these materials are available in an endless amount of colors and patterns to match any design ideas you may have.

Wicker is not limited to large pieces of furniture either. While large pieces of furniture may find use in sun rooms and patios, you can introduce this natural-looking material throughout your home with well-designed accent pieces. Wicker and woven accent pieces that work well throughout the home include canvas-lined wicker baskets to be used as laundry hampers, pantry storage and to store just about any loose item in the home.

The design possibilities with wicker is virtually limitless, so feel free to discover how you can incorporate it into your design.

Check out the gallery below for some awesome wicker furniture ideas for various areas of the home.

12 Photos of the Ideas For Awesome Wicker Furniture

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