Elegant House With Compact Interior Design

An elegant house can be created with compact interior design ideas. Having to plan a design around an area that is smaller than you are used to will require drastic changes to make things fit. Especially if you are downsizing, this could be a great opportunity to get rid of furniture that you really do not need.
Using furniture to divide the room is recommended when decorating small spaces. With compact interior design, there needs to be much thought and consideration given to what pieces of furniture are mandatory and which pieces can be removed. Utilizing the walls for storage is a good idea, but overuse can result in the space feeling cramped. Try to keep shelving on the walls to a minimum, accommodating only a few basic items.
Use monotone pieces throughout the room. For bedrooms, use single color drapes and curtains, and avoid rugs that are too busy. For living rooms, stick to single-color sofas that will keep the room light and airy. If windows are available, ensure that the furniture and other pieces in the room do not block out the natural light.
Try to customize your furniture to fit every nook and cranny of the space available, especially the area under the staircase that is often neglected. Check out these compact interior design concepts, and transform your compact space into a comfortable one.
12 Photos of the Elegant House With Compact Interior Design

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