DIY Bedroom Decor: Cost Saving, Valuable, and Adorable Designs

DIY bedroom decor gives a lot of inspiration to people that beautify the bedroom does not need to buy an expensive item. It has proven, what is made by ourselves could be as valuable as the expensive items sold in the store. Without much cost, try some creative ideas in the following, which certainly pretty and different from the others.

DIY Bedroom Decor You Will Love

Creating a hanging shelf is not difficult. You can see it in DIY bedroom decor Pinterest. It is simply using sisal rope and attaches them to a white painted board then hanging on the wall. There is also canopy decoration made from string lights hung from the bed frame to the ceiling and then cover it with sheer draperies to create softer spotlight in the DIY bedroom decor.

Suitcase bedside table is the next idea. Use a small table and used suitcase then mix by coloring them with a matching color to be more unified. Mirror with spoons frame is not difficult to be made. Use bright colored plastic spoons such as red and blue, remove the handle and then paste it on a flat board. String art is also chosen by people to create a form or writing in a way that has been wrapped around nails. Just set up the nails to certain word or shape to be DIY bedroom decor.

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