Creative Wallpaper Design Ideas For A Spectacular Interior

Wallpaper were very common centuries ago, and are slowly making their way back into 21st Century homes. Over the past two or three decades, wallpaper seemed to be out of fashion and was rarely used in interior design. Today, however, things have changed a bit. Wallpaper is back!
Creative wallpaper design ideas have revolutionized the way in which homeowners are able to integrate wallpaper in their designs. There have been improvements in the materials used to make wallpaper, as well the techniques used for installation. This has made wallpaper a much more popular alternative than a few years ago.
The Chinese began to experiment with the production of wall paper at the dawn of 16th Century, using rectangular pieces of rice paper, inlaid with birds, flowers and landscapes. In Europe, the concept was quickly embraced, and this new way of decorating walls with paper quickly replaced textile coverings and tapestries.
In 1785, the French invented a machine that stamped paper, and the manufacturing of wallpaper began to attract the attention of designers and artists. Paper decoration for walls became a symbol of prestige and wealth, and wallpapers from famous designers began to adorn the walls of palaces, museums and mansions.
Today, wallpapers are available to everyone, and the selection is quite impressive.
Do you like the idea of wallpaper? What are your tips on how to choose, install and care for wallpaper at home?
12 Photos of the Creative Wallpaper Design Ideas For A Spectacular Interior

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