Classic Home Decorating Tips

Classic homes are a rarity. Most of the elegant styles of the past are being replaced with more industrial design concepts. Whether you are a novice or experienced decorator, your desire to create a classic design is achievable with the right home decorating tips.
Here are some tips to get you started.
1. The house does not need to be big
Classic homes do not need to be built on acres of land. You can achieve a classic, quaint and elegant design on a small piece of property. A creative architect or designer should be able to help you draft up a design that meets your daily needs and has the classic elements you desire.
2. Color selection
Feel free to choose colors that appeal to you the most. To stay true to the classic theme, however, consider using neutral colors that will allow the architecture of the property to shine through. White, grey and lighter hues of brown are recommended.
3. Wood is absolutely necessary
The use of wood in home decorating for a classic design is mandatory. Decorative strips of wood on the exterior of the house will add to the character and elegance of the property. On the inside, the use of wood for skirting and for the crown moulding will make the space charming and inviting. Opt for wooden furniture instead of wrought iron and plastic.
4. Curtains for window treatment
The use of curtains will help the soften up the space. Although quite attractive and versatile, blinds alone are not recommended, as they tend to be more modern.
5. Do not forget the carpet
The use of carpet in the living room and other rooms will help to create the luxurious feel a classic home should have. In lieu of carpeting, large, plush area rugs will work just fine.
Does classic design home decorating intrigue you? What other tips would you recommend?
12 Photos of the Classic Home Decorating Tips

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