Bubble Club: High Quality Furniture With Interesting Designs

High Quality Furniture

Are all furniture pieces made from plastic cheap and fragile? Can high quality furniture be made from plastic? Plastic furniture has been revolutionized, and today, colored and transparent plastics are now being used in the manufacturing of furniture by companies like Kartell in Los Angeles. The Bubble Club collection by Kartell is impressive and original, and received the prestigious Italian design Compasso d’ Oro award in 2001.

Bubble Club collection

The man behind the high qualty furniture made from plastic

Philippe Starck is the man behind the plastic. The French designer, and son of an aeronautical engineer, is known for his work in architectural design. His love for architecture and design was inspired by his father, resulting in a successful career that has span decades. Starck’s designs even caught the attention of the French President Francois Mitterand, who commissioned him to design pieces for a suite in the palace.

Durable, weather-resistant material

Bubble Club furniture

What do these high quality furniture have to offer? The fantastic Bubble Club furniture is premium-priced, when compared to other designer furniture for outdoor use. The reason for this is due to the innovative plastic material polyethylene used in the manufacturing of the furniture. Colored polyethylene is resistant to cold, moisture and sunlight, making the furniture perfect for outdoor use in almost any type of weather.
Would you pay a premium for high quality furniture made from plastic?

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