Awesome Furniture Design Ideas

Who says furniture needs to be boring and predictable? With a little help from nature and other sources of inspiration, you too can come up with interesting furniture design ideas.
Mass produced furniture no doubt has its advantages. For the manufacturer, they are easy to produce and cost significantly less than bespoke pieces. For the buyer, mass produced pieces are easily accessible and significantly cheaper than customized pieces.
For the individual who craves originality and uniqueness, conforming to the norm as it relates to furniture will not be tolerated. How do you create a piece of furniture or a collection that is unique?
Start with functionality. What is the purpose of the item? Is it solely for aesthetics? Or is meant to be used for something meaningful? Follow this by identifying which materials would be best suited. The uniqueness of the furniture may not necessarily be in the materials used, but the manner in which those materials have been manipulated to create something that is conversation worthy.
Just how creative are you? Share one of your unique furniture design ideas with us.

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