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5 Silly Gifts for Dog Lovers

Gifts for Dog LoversAs a dog owner, you’ve probably seen it all by now. When it comes to gifts, there’s a huge selection for dogs and pup-parents that range from adorable to downright insane. It’s a delicate balance to choose a gift that’s funny without being kitsch. So we’ve done the leg-work and found our picks for downright silly gifts for dog lovers (and their dogs) that are actually worth checking out this holiday season!

Some are certain to bring a smile to your face. So spread some cheer, and get goofy!

  1. Squeaky Dog Donuts, Uncommon Goods ($18)
    You don’t give your dog people-food, and that’s great! But a little harmless donut-indulgence via toy would make for quite the happy puppy on Christmas morning!
  2. Grinz Ball, Rogz ($10)
    Be honest, these made you smile.
  3. Handmade Dog Slippers, Uncommon Goods ($58)
    We’ll file these under “perfectly weird” and call it a day. For the dog lover who is also a puppet enthusiast… or maybe a wacky sock enthusiast? Who knows.
  4. Year of the Critter 2017 Calendar in Corgi, ModCloth ($13)
    Is 2016 the Year of the Corgi? Ah yes, the forgotten Chinese Zodiac.
  5. Mad Dog Coasters, BarkShop ($29)
    Did you expect me to set my drink down on the table like some animal? Featuring the vintage artwork of Constance Depler Coleman, this coaster is perfect beneath a masterfully mixed Old Fashioned. Cheers!

And with that, go forth and be silly!

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